Celebrate silliness and HODL Dogecoin in style with Dogg0s!

These DogeFam crafted Dogecoin Rings include a source file for your local custom jeweler to bring your new Dogg0 from Dogeverse to IRL.

Each ring design will have a very limited quantity.

IRL // web0 🤣

Each ring has been designed, measured, and weighed at size 9 (19.1mm) but can be resized

Each ring includes Gold gram weight for 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and Silver gram weight for 925

Each ring contains Diamond details (1mm and above) for you to customize color and clarity

Metaverse // web3 🤯

Hodlers of this collection will also receive the exclusive title of "Dogefather" and early access to the land minting for an unrevealed Doge Metaverse in the works. Requires ownership at time of launch.

If you want them to kiss the ring, you have to have one first :p

This is an NFT and doesn't cover the cost of IRL jewelcrafting with real gold, diamonds, etc... obvs 😂


Dogg0s Roadmap steps already completed

✔️ Concept & Design

✔️ Jeweler 3D Modeling

✔️ Metaverse Benefit added

✔️ Mint 420 Dogecoin Ring #1

✔️ Dogg0s Website v1 goes live

✔️ Dogg0s Dogecoin Ring #2

Dogg0s Roadmap steps to come:

Regular Random Dogecoin Giveaways to HODLers begins

Doge Metaverse Whitelist Collab

Dogg0s Dogecoin Ring #3

Dogg0s Special Edition Ring airdrop to Dogg0s #1-#3 HODLers

Concept & Design Additional Rings

Doge Metaverse early land minting access

Other roadmap milestones

Decentraland Dogg0s Wearables as dev opens for it

Sandbox Dogg0s Wearables as dev opens for it

Otherside Dogg0s Wearables as dev opens for it

Please enjoy NFTs responsibly.
P.O. Box 1794, Mansfield TX, 76063